I just could not resist posting these photos of Nate! As you may have read I’ve been busily shooting away this week – for The Children’s Place here in Singapore (amongst a couple of others). For those of you who’ve tried to photograph your kids – you may have noticed its not the easiest thing to do! What did your class photos look like? Do you still have them? How important are they to you? I know when I was in high school you got two photographs taken – and that was that! You just had to hope for the best result. I remember how I hated my photographs so aim to grab the best shot for each person. These show just a few of the shots I grabbed of Nate in the process of trying to get that perfect shot. The fact remains some children just are serious kids, not all smile on command…I still think that’s okay, so long as that’s part of their personality. They are just kids after all.

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  1. Beautiful, Nate got your eyes Zurina !

  2. Gabbie

    This boy is going to break a lot of hearts really soon!

    Great shots Z! Don’t know how u do it!

  3. Manja

    Wow. Great to see, what is happen with juicy legs ;-) Fantastic. Compliments, you get a lot as photographer and as mum, what shall I add? I know, carry on!!!! :-) We are looking forward to get more :-)

  4. Nana Arina

    Awwwww – look at that smile!! Fabulous!

  5. Beautiful, Nate got your eyes Zurina !