Vivian Pei – Cook, Writer, Instructor, Food Geek

Meet Vivian Pei. She’s a cook, a writer, an instructor and self professed food geek! I have to say…she’s someone who does post a lot of Instagram food pics :-p

Vivian is definately someone who keeps herself busy, busy. She’s always out and about. She’s teaching at ToTT which she loves – have you been there? I love that place! She’s got some food styling gigs and a few book proposals on the go as well as a restaurant guide in the making. Vivian is also a contributing writer on the about-to-be relaunched Chubby Hubby blog! So that’s just these days…in the future, what would she like to achieve? She admits to wanting her own TV show. Quote “A travel and food show, sort of a female Anthony Bourdain thing would be amazing… ‘any TV producers reading this?” ;-)

On a personal note, she’d like to make a difference in someone’s life. Not in a “world peace, I will save the world because I’m Mother Teresa” kind of thing (she admits to not capable or selfless enough!) but if she can help one underprivileged child get a decent education and hopefully improve their prospects, that would make her happy. The other thing would be to teach one person to cook so that this person can feed him/herself and his/her loved ones better. She believes in taking little steps and changing things, one person at a time.

Her dad is the person who’s been a big influence on her life, food, philosophy of life. As for inspiration, there are a lot of people who inspire her in different ways, too many to name…

My favourite question as you know is…what is one thing people don’t know about you? Vivian is a brown belt in Karate so don’t mess with her! She also loves to sing and used to do the whole Glee thing… and she started again recently in fact! Hey Vivian, I love to sing…in the shower! A karaoke ‘room’ has only seen me once – seriously!

On her days off Vivian likes to go out with friends and check out great bars and restaurants. (I’m in!!!) Can you tell she’s pretty obsessed with food and drink? Take it from me, she’s happy to talk and eat with like-minded folk – just look her up on Facebook and Twitter to find out where she’s hanging out!

If she’s not out, you may just find her happy on her sofa with a pile of books, magazines and cookbooks, some lovely nibbles, some good music. Vivian, I hear you…I have a pile of photography books just waiting for me!!! :-D

Carpe diem, life is too short not to live it to the fullest!

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