Oz SuperNanny – Angela Jacobsen

Remember I posted a behind-the-scenes piece by our intern, Marklin that he wrote about Angela Jacobsen? Well, here’s one of the photographs that he talked about…the one with the ‘wall’. One of my favourites from the session.

Now to fill you in from my perspective…

I met Angela recently here in Singapore – she was visiting both for work and pleasure. A friend of mine had told me about her book and that she was here to market it – and, me being a mum, I said I’d love to meet her. Dinner and a few drinks later Angela and I had found many topics to chit chat about! And so marks the beginning of a friendship…

Angela happens to live in Sabah, the same city as my family, and as luck would have it I was visiting a week later so we got to reconnect really quickly.

Now, more on Angela. Angela’s first book Baby Love: Angela Jacobsen’s A to Z was published in March of this year…and she’s nearly finished book number two – Baby Food. She’s very excited about this book as it will be super helpful to new mums and caregivers. Baby Food is a day-by-day, week-by-week guide to weaning which includes some easy recipes and tips from Angela. Baby Food will be released worldwide in September. I know I was lost in this area when I had my first baby so if you’re a new mum…do look out for it. I’ll let you know when it’s out and ready to buy.

Not only is Angela a published writer about her experiences. Long term Angela would love to expand her business to TV with the hope of having her own Ozsupernanny show. She loves having the opportunity to go to families homes and help them with their children, nutrition, time management, space and most importantly parenting skills. Angela has had tons of experience in the area so if you need help…she’s your girl! You can find out more information about her on Angela’s Answers. By the way, if you know anyone who’s looking for a nanny or wanting to become a nanny Angela can also help you out in this area.

Being around children all the time, I asked who inspires her. She loves strong independent women. She always feel empowered and extra creative after spending time with them. One of her previous clients, Madonna – yes, ‘the’ Madonna, was a wonderful example of girl power to her. Angela, I feel exactly the same way. In fact, I’m currently thinking of setting up a mastermind group of like minded people…all with the purpose of supporting and inspiring each other! In this fast moving world sometimes you need to stop, think and create! :-D

So, you’ve heard about Angela’s business goals. On a personal front, Angela would love to visit Africa and would love to do a safari there one day. Angela – I should mention Marina ran a couple of safari parks in Kenya – I know I’m going to go one day, and I’m taking her with me so show me the ropes…want to come with? (So adding this to my bucket list right now…)

When Angela is not travelling for work, you can find her by her pool…reading books in the sun! Me? I’m already too many shades darker after joining Angela in the pool a couple of weeks ago…I’m now in hibernation mode! :-D

Last but not least, I asked…what doesn’t anyone know about you…that you can talk about – for those of you who are friends of Angela – did you know she used to be in the Victorian Children’s Choir for 5 years? She travelled around singing including shopping malls at Christmas time! Ahhhhhhh, and now we know one of your secrets to keeping kids happy. You sing to them sweetly! :-D

Leaving you now with one of Angela’s favourite quotes…”Reach for the moon, if you fall short you will land amongst the stars”. Angela – that’s a thumbs up from me too. Catch you soon! :-D

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    love this pic, well done!