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Have you heard of FLiP TV? Well…it launched last Friday! I was lucky enough to be asked to take the hosts profile shots prior to the launch. (Oh and when you check out their home page, they filmed their walk through in my studio – whoo hoo!)

Meet the first of the three hosts whom I’ll be featuring here on my blog, Marcus AC. Marcus has over 20 years experience in the Fashion and Makeup Industry, working with some of the most cutting-edge and established brands and companies in Singapore and the region. He’s a Fashion Stylist, a Makeup Artiste, Host, Fashion Show Choreographer and TV Producer. A man of many talents!

I love chatting to people who get in front of my camera and Marcus was no exception. Here are a few of the questions that I posed to him…


You’ve achieved a lot in your life so far. What’s next?

To be productive. I always need to be doing something!’ [Marcus - I'm exactly like you so I totally understand! It's hard to 'turn off' sometimes!]


Now tell me about something you’d like to achieve for yourself that is a personal goal? Think Bucket List.

Sadly, I don’t have a bucket list. I think a bucket list would actually restrict me!


I always ask if you could tell me something about yourself that no one else knows – what would it be? It can be random, fun or just something that has never been told before?

Get ready for this…I am the most impatient person I know! And yet everyone thinks I am the most patient person because of the industry I’m in.


What’s your favourite quote in life? Or what motto do you live by?

I guess it would be ‘Let go & Let God’…I’m not a religious person, but I do take my relationship with him very personally.


Is there someone who inspires you? It can be someone famous or someone who’s in your life that you know.

It would  be my mom. She passed away last year. And she showed me love and strength every single day of her life.


What advice would you give someone who’s starting out in your industry?   

Don’t give up. Passion and talent goes a long way. You need to have one or the other.



Marcus, I had such fun on the day working with you. Here’s to the start of a great relationship!

Make Up by Eugene Goh

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