Out & About: A Night of Magic at Raffles

A Night of Magic

A review by Tasha Bryant, aged 9.

Joe Labero was so cool. I wondered how could he split someone in half or walk through them – it was fantastic. The Burnt Out Punks (part of his show) were cool – his assistant was so good at gymnastics. I did think it was weird that Joe Labero said he went to Tokyo but everything looked Chinese even his assistant’s dress.

There was a moment when Joe Labero came out of the floor it was amazing.

When I found out about the magic show I hadn’t seen the cover for the show so when I saw the cover at the theatre I thought it would be scary but it was not. It was cool and funny at the same time.

At the end of the night I took a photo with his assistant girl from the Burnt Out Punks and also with Joe Labero. I got his autograph but I was very tired from staying awake late.

My two favourite moments were when Joe Labero came in on a motorbike and when the girl was doing gymnastics.

If Joe Labero came to town again I would want to see his show again!

Out of ten I am rating the show a 10 out of 10. Make sure you catch him when he next comes to Singapore.



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